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Just uploaded R&B Wedding Mix to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Just uploaded Downbeats to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Purchased a Michael Jackson *Rock With You* Frankie Knuckles and Masters At Work Remixes Promo from UK seller via Discogs. The guy posted this fantastic record without any respect, in a flimsy envelope with no indication to *handle with care*

This is how it arrived. 

Just uploaded Mashed to Mixcloud. Listen now!

had some fun with jigga this weekend.

fresh delivery


the last frankie knuckles record i bought.  RIP legend.

miller. night.

some ill underwater shit. wanneroo styles.

the great white shark. killer.

Surface - Falling In Love 
Jimmy Williams - All Of My Lovin 
Minako Yoshida - Light’n Up 
J. Cole feat Kendrick Lamar - Forbidden Fruit 
Pieces of a Dream - Mount Airy Groove 
P-Funk All Stars - Hydraulic Pump Part III 
El Michels Affair - Uzi (Pinky Ring) 
Gonjasufi - Love of Reign (Kit Pop Remix) 
ESO - The Natives 
Chris.E.Pants - Doggy Style (Ft Bubbles) 
ONRA - L.O.V.E. 
The Whitefield Brothers - Sad Nile 
James Pants - Drill 
Los Jimaguas (vs Ice T) - Los dos hermanos 
Santogold - Shove It (Switch Remix) 
Wax Romeo - No Flipping 
Tweet - Ooops (ClaraPark Remix) 
ScHoolboy Q - Druggy’s Wit Hoes Again (Feat. Ab-Soul) 
Pusha T - Numbers On The Board

sunset (simonflint)

serge hour

Julian Malone remix to “Numbers on the Boards” by Pusha T